Is Coffee Good For Liver?

Most coffee drinkers gravitate toward coffee for its wake-up effects, but studies have shown that coffee can protect the liver. When combined with a liver-friendly diet, coffee can be a powerful protector of the liver. And coffee-based supplements, such as decaffeinated coffee, can even be beneficial for people with fatty liver disease. But why is … Read more

Why Coffee Helps Migraines

You may be wondering if coffee can help you with migraines. This article explains how caffeine may be helpful. It’s believed to have analgesic properties and blocks the specific receptors on brain cells that adenosine binds to. Also, it may also reduce pain by restricting blood flow, which could be an additional benefit. And of … Read more

Why Coffee Hurts My Stomach

You might be wondering why coffee hurts my stomach. Coffee contains acid, which stimulates gastric activity. Too much acid in your system can lead to abdominal pain, belching, and cramps. Fortunately, there are many ways to remedy this problem. Here are some ways to reduce acid in your coffee: Caffeine stimulates gastric activity One of … Read more

Does Coffee Have Any Calories?

Do you wonder if coffee has any calories? Is it loaded with antioxidants and sugar? Read on to find out why it is a guilt-free beverage. Coffee beans require only a small amount of energy to be harvested and processed into a cup of joe. The brewing process does not remove all the energy from … Read more

Why Does Coffee Have a Sour Taste?

A common problem, why does coffee have a sour taste, may be affecting the overall taste of your brew. To help improve the overall taste of your coffee, follow these steps: Under-extraction A sour coffee’s flavor is often the result of under-extraction. Depending on how the coffee is brewed, it may be a fine grind … Read more

Why Coffee Grounds Are Good For Plants

You may have wondered why coffee grounds are good for plants. There are several reasons to use them for your garden, from adding nitrogen to the soil to increasing acidity. But did you know that coffee grounds can also protect your plants from slugs? In this article, we’ll explore some of the most important benefits. … Read more

Why Coffee Dehydrates You

Coffee has been shown to dehydrate you, but this does not mean you should stop drinking it. Its diuretic effect can actually be beneficial. Here are a few ways to reduce the risk of dehydration from coffee. Caffeine helps the body burn fat and improves focus. While caffeine in moderation can help you stay focused, … Read more

Why Coffee Causes Headache

There are many theories on why coffee causes headache, ranging from caffeine sensitivity to caffeinated intoxication. It may also be linked to inflammation and allergies, but we’ll focus on the causes of coffee headache. Caffeine is the primary culprit when it comes to triggering a headache. Caffeine can cause a variety of health problems, including … Read more

Why Coffee Causes Heartburn

If you’ve ever wondered why coffee causes heartburn, you’re not alone. Scientists have long suspected that the acids contained in coffee could cause heartburn in some people. But how exactly do acids in coffee affect the stomach and esophagus? How does the size of the grind affect the concentration of acids? And what’s the best … Read more

Coffee Causes Acid Reflux

Caffeine is one of the most common cause of acid indigestion and heartburn. It relaxes a muscle called the lower esophageal sphincter and stimulates the digestive process. In large amounts, coffee can aggravate acid reflux and cause heartburn. Some of the most common causes of acid reflux are sugars, unhealthy fats, and heavy foods. In … Read more